Saturday, June 29, 2013

Pisa (You know, the place with the leaning tower.)

We decided to take a day trip to Pisa, which is only about an hour away from Florence. I have to admit that Pisa was a pretty sad little town. It was an awful tourist trap, which we totally expected, but the town was just really dirty and was crawling with people selling fake Rolex watches and fake designer purses. It was very cool to see the famous tower and it was very entertaining to watch people taking the "holding up the tower" photos. We had lunch at a really nice restaurant and got some gelato (of course!). When we were done with the tower we decided to drive to Viareggio, a beautiful little beach town. By the time we got there Aven, Etta, and Emma were all asleep in the back seat, so we glanced at the Mediterranean and drove back to Florence for the night. It was a fun little day trip and now we can say we've seen it.

Family photo in front of the tower.

Aven and Emma.

Look at that beautiful baby!
So, because I love cheesy stuff, I made everyone take a "holding up the tower" photo. Emma's turned out the best. 

Aven didn't really get the concept, so this is how hers turned out. It looks like she might be  getting ready to karate-chop the tower. She might also be a zombie. I'm really not sure.

 Pisa had just as much graffiti as every other Italian town we've been through, but it did have more written in English than anywhere we've been so far:

And I couldn't leave out one of the funniest things I saw while walking through Pisa . . .
. . . a display of Duff Beer.

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