Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Once upon a time . . .

Once upon a time I got a job teaching art at West Jordan Middle School. At the very same time a lovely young lady named Missy also got a job teaching art at the very same school. We worked together for three wonderful years. We got to be good friends and we even went on an unintentionally romantic business trip to Houston. After three years of artistic collaboration her husband had the opportunity to attend graduate school in Finland, so off they went. Over the last five years we have each had two children and she has moved to Austria. We have managed to stay in contact through Facebook and our blogs. She has always made it clear that we are welcome to stay with her if we ever chose to visit Europe. Well, I never really thought we would, but after taking Aven to the Cathedral of the Madeline because she wanted to visit a castle, we decided to take her to Europe to see some real castles.

We leave on Thursday afternoon, arrive in Switzerland on Friday, and will head to Austria on Saturday. We will spend one week with Missy and her family before travelling to Venice, Florence, Nice, and Lucerne. I feel crazy for going on adventure like this with two small children, but I am also very excited. My lovely sister will be joining us, which should make the child wrangling much more manageable. Please, please wish us luck!

Missy- the very person who inspired me to take on this crazy adventure.

This is what spending one month in Europe with two kids looks like. Yikes.


  1. Lovely, lovely, LOVELY!!!! You WILL have a great time.


  2. Hooray! I can't wait for Saturday! And I'm not the only one, Addie has been asking when her friend Aven is coming... Good luck on the flights :)

    1. Aven has been talking about going to get ice cream with her friend Addie for weeks now :)