Friday, June 14, 2013

Day 1

After about a lot of hours of traveling we made it to Zurich. My kids were super-star flyers. Etta cried a little bit on the first flight, but as long as she was able to nurse she was okay. Aven was so happy coloring and looking out the window that we didn't even have to break out any electronics. Not even once.

It was really the second leg of the trip that I was nervous about since it was about 8 hours on a plane. Once again the girls amazed me by being great. Etta fell asleep shortly after take- off and slept through most of the flight. Aven only managed to sleep for 4 or 5 hours but was easily entertained by all the lovely presents that the Swiss Air flight attendants showered her with upon boarding and by watching movies and tv shows on her in-flight screen. I am happy to say that we did not break out even one of our electronics for her the whole flight. We were worried we'd run out of battery life before we ran out of flight. Shows what we know!

After arriving in Zurich we picked up our super-awesome Dacia Lodgy (it's a mini-vanish kind of vehicle) and checked into our hotel. After lunch at an Italian restaurant (hey, it was right across the street from the hotel!) we went to the Zurich Zoo and saw lots of fabulous animals.

Upon returning to our room Ian and Emma went hunting for dinner and came back with a bounty of gas station sandwiches and Pringles (I know, I know- we were very tired. And by the way they were as good as they sound). Ian, after being awake for 27 consecutive hours crashed around 7:30. I have to commend him for navigating us through all of the travel confusion without losing his cool or a single item from our luggage. So far i am doing surprisingly well. I thought that i'd feel more weird and more out of sorts, but so far i'm actually okay- yay! Now it's time for me to crash. Tomorrow we head to Austria through Lichtenstein (who ever though I would go to Lichtenstein!?)

Here's a picture from our hotel room in Zurich- one of my favorite things, awkward translations :)

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  1. Yay! Keep the updates coming, photos or not. :)