Thursday, June 27, 2013

Academia, Boboli Gardens, and More!

We started out the day with the Academia. We had a much better experience there than at the Uffizi. We went early in the morning, so it wasn't as crowded with tour groups. We actually got to get up close to the main attraction: David. We were all in awe. It was truly incredible to see this famous sculpture in person. When I asked Aven what she liked most about David her answer was "I can see his pee-pee". We are in so much trouble. We also got to see lots more Renaissance paintings, sculptures, and a musical instrument museum.

The main attraction.

After the Academia we went in search of lunch and ended up at a nice little restaurant. For some reason Aven has been into dancing to the music she hears in store and restaurants on this trip and she really got into the music in the restaurant. She has the BEST white girl dance moves I've ever seen- she is truly comparable to Elaine on Seinfeld.

Aven busts a move.
 After lunch we found an awesome carousel and the girls rode two times.

Etta loves carousels just as much as Aven does.

After the carousel we went in search of dessert and found a bakery that had lots of delicious treats.

Aven was pretty glued to the bakery display window.
 I love small details. Here are some favorites from today:

I don't think this sign is working.

This sign seems to depict terrified Italian children fleeing from the constant onslaught of bikes, scooters, motorcycles, cars, and buses.

A lion for the WJMS fans out there in the audience.
 Boboli Gardens. There was no make-it-yourself pizza, much to my dismay. There was a beautiful garden, however. It felt like being in a huge hedge maze. Aven had clearly been missing nature after a couple long days in the city because as soon as we reached a gravel walking path she stooped down and picked up to large handfuls of rocks and sighed as if she had just taken a life-saving breath. Aven had a great time playing in nature- I'm SO glad we did this for her.
Aven and her awesome Auntie Em

Family photo in a "tunnel".

Etta took at nap at Boboli Gardens

This is a picture of Ian trying to give me a heart attack.

Etta playing at the playground down the street from our apartment. 

Ian showing off his souvenir apron and the gigantic ladle from the kitchen in our apartment. 

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  1. SO beautiful! Jamo and I split from the family group and went to see Boboli Gardens by ourselves. We LOVED it and had we not been so fatigued and tired we would have insisted that the rest of the group come back with us to enjoy it as well. :) Once again, nary a bad photo to be taken.