Saturday, June 15, 2013

Day 2 Innsbruck

We left Zurich today after eating a breakfast of fresh fruit and pastries and walking to a nearby park so Aven could enjoy running around a bit before sitting down for a long car ride. We then took a short (hour and a half) drives into Lichtenstein we stopped in a quaint little town called Balzers. We had some  trouble finding a restaurant in the town. It wasn't exactly a tourist stop, which was great. We did find a nice little place that was super friendly, they came and talked to the kids and even took Etta for a little walk on the patio. After lunch we hiked up a hill to Gutenberg castle, no relation to the press. The castle was cool, even though we only saw the outer courtyard, or "Bailey." After the castle we hit the road to Innsbruck. We arrived around 6 and met our friends Missy and Ben. Aven disappeared  as soon as we got her out of her car, she was off and playing with her new friend Addie. They had a blast all night playing together while we caught up with Missy and Ben. Here's a photo of the two of them watching my little pony together. They are sharing a chair. :)

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