Sunday, June 16, 2013

Innsbruck City Center/ Father's Day

Today we decided to keep things low key. We went into the city center of Innsbruck with Missy, Ben, Addie, and Ruby, and as you might imagine, it was beautiful. We had lunch at a place that served traditional Tirolean food. Ian and I both got weiner scnitzel, which, by the way, is not cheap hot dogs covered in gross chili. Emma ordered frankfurters (you know, hot dogs), which proved almost impossible to prepare and serve. I say this because it took over 20 minutes for the waiter to bring her order. Everyone else had been served and finished eating by the time her very complicated meal arrived. After lunch we got some gelato and played at the playground. Missy warned me that this might end up being a really expensive playground hopping trip and I'm kind of okay with that as long as we still get to see and do plenty of other cool stuff.

Enjoy some pictures from our day:

I did not get Ian a Father's Day present, but I did take him to Austria. How cool am I?!
Playing in a "castle". 
On the way to get some gelato. Aven and Addie held hands quite a lot. It was pretty cute.
Aven in either a cathedral or a princess castle. It really depends on who you ask.

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