Sunday, June 30, 2013

Date Night

Thanks to Emma being on this trip with us Ian and I got a date night! We actually got to go out together, just the two of us. That doesn't happen very often, even when we're at home. After getting Aven and Etta to bed we rode bikes, available to us at the apartment we're renting, into the city center. It was so nice to ride a bike after walking almost everywhere for the last week.

It was still light when we got into town, so we walked around the Duomo again because we are both so completely in awe of it. We got a nice surprise- the gilded baptistry doors by Ghiberti were not mobbed by tourists, so we actually got to get to see them up close:

SO incredible!

Looking up at the Florence Cathedral.

After walking around a bit we went to a place called Gilli's for dessert. Gilli's has been open in Florence since 1773- wow! It was the most expensive dessert we have ever eaten. I keep having to tell myself that it wasn't about the money, it was about quality time with Ian.

The view from our table at Gilli's

We couldn't resist another walk around the Duomo and another look at the gilded doors. They were open just a crack- it was so beautiful inside the baptistry!


So, after another walk around the Duomo we stopped back at Gilli's for the most expensive jelly candies EVER. 16 Euros for what Ian is holding in this picture:

They were worth every bit we paid for them.

We stopped and watched a street performer do a Charlie Chaplin routine. It was really funny:

Florence was AMAZING at night. The tour groups were gone and the streets were beautiful.

Ahhhhh . . . 

It was so nice to go on a date with this guy!

Out for a little late-night bike riding.

Today is our last full day in Florence. Tomorrow we drive to Nice for a week at the beach.

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  1. Jamo and I checked out a dessert parlor in Florence that MAY have been that same place you went to. When I saw how long they had been established, it made my country allegiance seem pitiful. "1773?! This place has been around longer than our NATION has!!" Truly amazing stuff. So happy you're having a great time!!