Friday, June 21, 2013

Innsbruck City Center

Today we went into Innsbruck city center for some touristy shopping. We wandered around old town in search of gifts for friends and family. We also bought a lovely Christmas ornament, which is almost always my favorite souvenir. We had lunch at a bakery, and then had a 2 course dessert. Strudel at one place, gelato at another. We didn't get ice-cream with our strudel, so it was really more like just having one dessert.

After shopping we took the girls to play at the castle park. Aven had a great time playing in the castle and Etta crawled around on the grass trying to eat leaves and flowers- so, just a typical day for Etta.

Having fun walking with Dad.

Checking out a cool fountain.

Walking through the streets of Innsbruck.


Etta tried chocolate for the first time.

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