Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter 2014

Enjoy some pictures of our cute girls on Easter:

Etta's first Easter egg hunt- she got the hang of things pretty quick.

Aven found more eggs than her basket would hold.

Sam Dog tried to photobomb almost every picture.

There she is again.

My mom wanted a picture with the girls. This was honestly the best one. Etta was being a cheeseball and Aven was making a funny face- sorry Mom!


Friday, April 18, 2014

Easter Princess Party

Because I'm an awesome mom, I took Aven to a special Easter princess party, hosted by none other than Elsa and Anna. Her bestie, Alyssa and her mommy Shylah joined us. It started with all the little princesses gathering  to decorate Easter bags while the Frozen soundtrack played. When "Let it Go" started playing Elsa and Anna made their appearance, singing along. It took Aven a minute or two to warm up and start singing along. Alyssa was literally in shock for the first ten minutes. She was as white as a ghost with a deadly serious look on her face. It was pretty funny. After Elsa served her a cupcake she finally warmed up a bit and got into the fun. Aven loved every second. The party was hosted by Part of Your World Princess Parties, I have hired them to do Aven's birthday party next month. If you live in the Salt Lake area I would highly recommend them! Below you will find many, many pictures of their fun day:

Elsa serving Aven some sprinkles in her tea.

It was definitely a magical day for all these little princesses.

Eating cupcakes and donuts- doesn't get much better than this!

She was all business on the Easter egg hunt.


There were even bunnies to pet. Here is Alyssa having her turn.

Aven loved their fuzzy softness.

Game time with Anna.

Making a pretty bracelet.

We had a great time!

Thanks Anna and Elsa!