Friday, April 17, 2015

10 Years?!

So my wonderful new colleague and I just finished up our annual art fair at West Jordan Middle. Sometime early in the week it hit me that this was my 10th art fair- my 10th year at WJMS. It kind of took me by surprise. Even though some days my job seems impossible and some weeks feel like years I love it and am so happy to be teaching art to so many incredible students. I think we had our biggest turn out EVER for our evening reception. We ran out of cookies and drinks and received about a hundred lovely compliments from parents, grandparents, and other community members. I really am grateful that I am able to spend my life doing something that I find meaningful and rewarding.  

Look at that crowd!

The interactive altered book display was a hit.
The biggest ceramics display in about six years. 
The drawing purchased from this year's show by the library.
The drawing purchased from this year's show by our principal-  hopefully the beauty and talent comes through despite the fact that this photograph is not very good.