Sunday, January 18, 2009

Skiing trip

I went skiing with my friends Brad and Jessica up at the Canyons last weekend. Jessica took some photos and some videos of my skiing. The wind was blowing hard and the air was full of icy sleet. It was a bit uncomfortable until it warmed up and sun came out after lunch. But it was still skiing and it was fun. Here's some photos and a video of me going off a little lip of a jump. Not much of jump but it you should have seen my first run at it. I didn't see the lip coming up until it was too late I tried to turn to avoid it and ended up doing a 360 spin on my shoulder. So of course I had to take another run at it once I knew it was there. I'm out with a sore throat this weekend so I won't be hitting the slopes but hopefully next weekend I can get out there. The way this winter is going we might not have snow for too much longer.

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