Saturday, January 10, 2009

Blood Guts and Gore

I bet you've never seen anyone so happy to have multiple wounds before. This was taken in November when fellow teacher Lisa Morey and I taught an exploratory class in stage makeup; specifically the gory kind. In reality Lisa did most of the teaching since my only experience in applying makeup is putting a little foundation and eye shadow on my own face. It was fun watching the kids transform themselves into broken and beaten shells of their former selves. They were of course all smiles whenever I tried to take a picture.

Okay, so they didn't all do a realistic job, but they had fun and that is what is important.

Ian came to help and did an awesome job making his knuckles look pretty disgusting. From the lack of facial injury I'd have to assume that he was the one who won the bar fight- way to go babe!

Lisa's daughter Annie also came to help us out. She was a pro at applying latex to make the kids wounds look more realistic. Take note of the bloody wrist in the bottom left- somebody should have told him that you cut up, not across. On that disturbing note, I'll end this post.

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  1. That is the coolest activity ever. How did the exploratory thing go over all?