Thursday, January 22, 2009

Night photos

Night time is perhaps my best time for inspiration, photography wise. Some of my best times out taking photographs happened at night. They don't always turn out to be the best photos I've taken, in fact that's rare. But something about being out at night in the quiet solitude, just inspires me to grab my camera and start snapping away. I love to just walk around on a nice quiet night and see what turns up. The photos below are from a recent trip to visit my Father in Law (Craig) down in his home in Redmond Utah for Christmas. The nights down there are wonderful. It's quiet and it's dark so the night sky is actually visible. This particular night everyone had already gone to sleep for the night. Except Craig who was doing his best to try and stay up until dawn watching TV. I went out alone in the darkness. I wasn't up for a long walk, maybe some other trip down when it's warmer. I took all of these just around the house.

Here's Orion, one of my favorite constellations since he's so easy to find. This was taken by placing my camera on the ground and holding the shutter open for about 30 seconds, or so. I never really time it I just guess and use trial and error until I get the shot I'm looking for.

This was across the street, I liked the way the inflatable snowman looked illuminated in the darkness.

This one's down the street a little. I just liked the way the snow glistened on the road.
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