Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Ville Franche

Today was our first day at the beach. We rode the train to Villefranche-sur-Mer. It was only supposed to take 5-10 minutes to get there by train, but because we are not experts at reading French train timetables we had to switch trains one stop before the beach. The extra stop took an extra half hour- blerg.

Once we got there we had some lunch and bought some beach towels and beach toys. It wasn't a sandy beach. It was covered in teeny tiny rocks, which Aven loved. Etta instantly LOVED the water. She played and played until she was shivering so hard I had no choice but to put her in some dry clothes. Aven refused to go into the water above her ankles and every time a wave came in she would yell "the water's trying to get me!" and run away.

Aven and Etta wearing their matching swimsuits.
Our water baby.
Ian swims with Etta. The water was a beautiful blue-green.
Etta embraces French culture and goes topless.
The water knocked this girl right out. She slept for two hours on a noisy, crowded beach.

 I know this is random, but . . .

Are you behind on your news but also want to go to the beach? Why not do both at once. This lady did. For  almost an hour. Weird.

Enjoy a couple short videos of the girls playing at the beach:

When we got back to the apartment:

Ian went into the bathroom to shower and when he pulled his swimsuit off all these rocks fell out of his swimsuit and onto the floor. That's a whole lot of beach gravel.

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