Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Grace Gets Groomed

Grace is almost 8 years old and for the first time ever I took her to get professionally groomed. I've been pestering Ian to bathe her for a couple months now and I finally gave him a deadline that if missed would result in me paying money for someone else to do the job. Deadline missed, appointment made. I was afraid she would be traumatized since she'd never been groomed before, but after spending about 8 hours at Dogs R Us she is contentedly relaxing on the back lawn. They did a great job. I was so amazed at how pretty she looked when the groomer brought her out that I was speechless. I feel really bad that I didn't tell her what an amazing job she did, but I did leave a good tip, so hopefully that compensates for my lack of words.
She looks like a fluffy fur ball and feels like one too.
She immediately laid down in a puddle, of course. I wouldn't expect anything less. 
See, she doesn't look traumatized.

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