Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Fence

When we moved into this house about a year ago Ian started making a long list of eventual projects. At the top of the list was a new fence along the north side of the property. The fence that was there was a badly installed chain link that was overgrown with bushes and trash trees. Luckily, our neighbors (Nate and Lloyd a.k.a. The Brothers) are in the process of remodeling their house and were excited to do away with the old fence as well. On a side note, while working on demolishing the old fence and digging up stumps Ian discovered that he and Nate went to high school together- small world.

Before. Looking from the front of the house toward the garage.
Looking from back to front. We hired Discount Tree to take out a couple big trees along the fence line. Ian and The Brothers took care of all the small ones.
Demolished fence and tree line.
Posts are in!
The finished product, looking from front to back. Ian and The Brothers finished this project in record time.  I was pleasantly surprised with the speed at which they worked. 
Looking from back to front. There is obviously a lot of landscaping to be done, but that's on the list for next year.

Look at that lovely gate that Ian spent hours building and perfecting. Now we can let Grace out the side door in addition to the back door. We can park there if we wish to and Aven has a nice big (safe) area to ride her bike.

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