Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Aven's First Camping Adventure

Ian really loves camping and has been looking forward to taking Aven since last summer. Since I am currently eight months pregnant I wasn't up for the challenge, so Ian planned to take Aven camping all by himself. The thought of camping alone with a three year old made my anxiety meter rise just a little bit (well, actually a lot), so I mentioned my reservations to Ian's mom, Christine. She and Ian's dad, Dennis, graciously offered to join the camping trip for the first night, which was a huge relief to me. Ian was annoyed that I hadn't consulted him first since he really wanted to do it on his own (gee, reminds me of a certain three year old I know "I do it ALL BY MYSEWF, Mom!'). In the end Ian confessed that he was glad his parents were there as it would have been quite difficult to set up camp alone while trying to keep an eye on Aven. He was also grateful for the company since Aven isn't the greatest conversationalist at this point in her life. They had a great time, which makes this mom happy. Aven loved sleeping in the tent in her very own sleeping bag and she even learned to sit on a rock and pee while hiking- a very important skill! Here are a few photos of their adventure:
Relaxing by the fire with Grandma.
The view from their campsite- you can't beat that!
A family picture on the hike to Scout Falls.
Scout Falls- wow! 
Family picture in front of the falls.
Nothing says"I've been camping for two days" quite like that hair-do does. 

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  1. How fun! That last photo of Aven is so cute.