Saturday, June 16, 2012

Aven's Busy Week

We had our busiest week in a long time, which is good for keeping me distracted from how uncomfortable I am right now. Here's a photo review of all the fun Aven had this week, hopefully next week will be just as full and fun.
Swimmin' at Payton's house. She had lots of fun learning how to work the squirt guns.
Visiting the Utah Museum of Natural History with Alyssa.

Getting some important work done at Dad's drafting table when we had lunch with him on Friday.

Practicing for baby sister's arrival.

Chalk Art Festival at the Gateway. There's my brilliant former-student, Tia working on  large solo project. She has her sights set on Pixar and I have no doubt that she'll get there!

A shoulder ride from Dad.

Her favorite drawing at the Chalk Art Festival- Animal from The Muppets.

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