Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day in Moab

We decided to take a long over-due trip to Moab over Memorial Day weekend. A pretty large portion of Ian's family lives in Moab and since we haven't been to Moab since before I was pregnant with Aven she has come to be known as "the phantom baby". Ian's parents spend a lot of time telling the family all about her but since she had never been seen in person they weren't too sure she actually existed. We showed Aven off to as many family members as we had time to visit and there are now no doubts about her existence. Along with family visits we made time for some mountain biking, sight seeing, and general touristy type activities.

We headed out to Dead Horse Point State Park and let our little rock-crawler loose.

While at Dead Horse we also gazed at majestic sights . . .

. . . tried to avoid the Paparazzi . . .

. . . blew raspberries at the camera . . .

. . . and went mountain biking. Aven LOVED it.

Aven got to meet her cousin, Trinity, who is only a couple months older, but is light-years ahead in the hair department. Trinity liked giving kisses- very cute.

I love this picture- a whole family cuddle. I'm holding Aven, Aunt Pam is holding Trinity and Grandpa Bailey is in the background.

On our trip we learned that Aven is a great little traveler. She loved every minute and we are looking forward to many more trips this summer and to returning to Moab maybe this fall.

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