Monday, February 2, 2009

A History of Vacationing

I was thinking about how many great vacations Ian and I have been on together in the almost 7 years that we've been together and thought I would post a few photos of some of those fabulous trips. Can you tell I'm really sick of winter and constantly daydreaming about warmer times?

Washinton D.C., August 2008. Here we are on our most recent trip outside of Utah. My mom gave us a trip to Washington D.C. for Christmas 2007, which we took in August 2008. We were there for 6 fantastic days and we both loved it.Above, we were standing just outside the back door of George Washington's Mt. Vernon home. Our first president sure knew a few things about real estate.

Moab, August 2008. Ian was born in Moab and did most of his growing up in central Utah. I have to admit that I'm not a huge fan of Moab, mainly because we only seem to go there during the summer and I don't particulary care for mountain biking or hiking in 105 degree weather. On our most recent trip we went on a night hike in Arches National Park and that is my favorite thing we have done in Moab so far. There was no moon, which caused us to get lost for awhile, but the stars were beautiful and it wasn't too hot.

Cabin at Flaming Gorge, July 2008. I know I've posted about the cabin before, but this was probably one of the worse trips we've taken there. My poor mom fell at Mustang Ridge and broke her ankle on my birthday. We did our best to have a good time despite the suckiness of a broken bone.

Redmond, Utah, April 2008. We went to visit my dad in his new home and while we were there we burned some stuff in a ditch for entertainment. Let's just say my dad easily acclimated to small town life. I just had to add my dad's favorite geographical joke as an edit- Random person: "Where's Redmond?" my dad: "Do you know where Cedar City is?" random person: "ya" my dad: "well it's not by there". Makes me laugh every time :)

San Francisco, March 2008. We spent 5 days in San Fran seeing everything we could possibly pack in. We also made sure we watched an episode of Monk while we were there. It was all amazing and beautiful. Riding the trolley was one of the craziest things we did there- you need incredible strength and endurance to operate one of those things.

Wow- we went on a lot of trips last year. I'll have to do some follow-up posts about other trips we have taken farther back in our history so this post doesn't end up being a mile long.

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