Friday, February 6, 2009

A History of Vacationing: Part 2

Somewhere deep in the woods between Flaming Gorge and Vernal, Summer 2007. Ian led my sister and I on one of his famous 'death hikes' on this cabin trip. On this particular brand of hike a trail is usually not followed and steep, rocky inclines with plenty of loose gravel to slide on are a must. We managed to survive and we even came across the remains of an old trapper's cabin.

Mountain Man Rendezvous, Fort Bridger, Wyoming, September 2006. I'm a big fan of the history of the American West, Abe Lincoln, and Priuses. What better way to combine those loves than spending the day at Fort Bridger with a bunch of people wearing period costumes. I even ran into one of my best friends there. Pretty random place to run into a friend.

Flaming Gorge, Summer 2006. Yet again we escaped to Ye Old Malecker Family Homestead, this time with good friends Amber and Dustin Corona. Above you will see Amber and I risking our lives on the edge of a deadly cliff.

Las Vegas, June 2006. Ian got called up for active duty in the eBay army for the second time. He was asked to work gruelling 10 hour days at the eBay Live convention in Vegas for 4 days. We stayed an extra four after the convention to have fun. After eight days in Vegas I decided that I was Vegased out for about 20 years.

I like this picture because you can see where Ian scraped his forehead along the bottom of the wave pool at Mandalay Bay when he was unexpectedly caught in a rip-tide.

Hawaii, June 2005. We spent three weeks in Hawaii for our honeymoon. A week and a half on Oahu and a week and a half on Hawaii a.k.a the Big Island. In the above photo we were visiting Pearl Harbor.

Out of the dozens of cool things we did and places we went while in Hawaii there is one standout un-cool thing: Ian got stung by a Man of War jellyfish while swimming at Hapuna State Beach Park. He was screaming bloody murder and all the lifeguard could say was "I guess you should get in the shower and stay there". Very helpful, dude. His entire back was covered in tentacles along with his neck and the side of his face, one even got in his mouth. This kind of jellyfish has no remedy for pain, and trust me, he tried all the standard stuff for jellyfish stings. It was about 24 hours before he was feeling okay again.

One super-cool thing we saw was a volcano erupting at Volcano National park. The lava was shooting up about 50 feet in the air. Pretty freakin' awesome.

New Orleans, June 2004. Ian's first stint in the eBay army was at the New Orleans conference for four days. We were there eight days and it was awesome. I still drool looking at the picture I took of the fried green tomatoes I ordered at an open air bar on the banks of the Mississippi. i would go back just for those.

Puerto Penasco, Mexico, November 2003. The morning we flew out of Salt Lake it was snowing. In the above photo we were sailing on a catamaran with Ian's parents and brother on the Sea of Cortez in breezy 75 degree weather. There were even dolphins swimming along side the boat.

Cannon Beach, Oregon, August, 2002. Ian wasn't on this trip, I was with my mom and sister, but I couldn't leave it out because of the road sign we spotted driving along Oregon's Pacific Coast Scenic Highway. The sign does not lie.

I didn't realize how many cool places Ian and I have been together until I put them all together in an abbreviated format on this blog- go us!

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  1. Cara admitted once that after we get back to the car and she knows we aren't going to die, my death hikes are really fun. I would also like to point out that finding the old cabin was awesome, and we never would have found it on a trail.