Saturday, July 14, 2012

Etta May

We are so excited to announce the arrival of our new little girl. Etta May Bailey was born July 10th at 3:03 p.m. after a grueling two hour labor and about five minutes of pushing. Not that I'm bragging or anything. She didn't want to start breathing and her heart rate dropped right after birth which prompted a call to the NICU. It was scary to watch ten people rush into the room to attend to her as I sat helplessly in the bed. It was even scarier when they took her away from me to the NICU for observation. Luckily Ian was able to go with her and they only kept her for about an hour since she recovered so quickly. When she was weighed in the NICU she weighed in at 6 lbs. 3 oz. Later, in the nursery, her weight was 6 lbs. 11 oz. Since babies don't usually gain 8 oz. within a few hours of birth this discrepancy prompted and intense investigation into which scale was wrong. Etta was wheeled around in her bassinet and weighed on different scales until they were satisfied that she was indeed 6 lbs. 11 oz. The rest of our hospital stay was pretty uneventful, just lots of great visitors. Here's more than a few photos of our hospital stay:

Etta under observation in the NICU
Ian holding Etta for the first time.
My mom and Etta.
Oh, how I "love" those hospital gowns.
Aven and her new baby doll and baby doll blanket. She was quite stunned the first time she saw Etta.
Etta has one dimple on the right side of her face that matches my sister's one right side dimple. Pretty dang cute!
Mt wonderful doctor, Sam Ponder, with our beautiful girl.
My grandparents.
My dad.
My friend Nique. I was hoping some of that lovely dark complexion would rub off, but so far Etta is just as pale as the rest of us.
Amber holding Etta, Natalie in the background.

Get me out of this place!
Ready to go home. I just can't get over how tiny she is.

*Edit: Dear Christine and Dennis, There are no pictures of you in this post because your son, who was in charge of taking pictures, didn't take any of you. Sorry- I think he was just a little overwhelmed with everything


  1. My favorite photo is the first one--Etta seems like she's saying, "I don't need to be observed! I'm just fine!"

    My second favorite photo is of Etta and Dr. Ponder--she's my doctor too, and I love, love, love her! Really. I love her.


  2. So cute! She is amazingly tiny in her carseat ;) Congratulations.

  3. Whoa- those nine months just FLEW by! (... for me, at least...)
    She's a doll. And cute name choice too! I hope you refer to her with both names often- they sound great together.
    Now, post a lot on the sibling adjustment- I'm sure Missy will appreciate all the heads up she can get. :)

  4. Uhm, a few hours after I made my comment I realized that we had already discovered that we both saw the amazing Dr. Ponder. Yeah, the brain is not functioning.