Friday, August 12, 2011


This is Teddy:

Teddy is Aven's favorite stuffed toy. Teddy is also going bald because Aven likes to pull his fur out with her teeth. This is the only toy she does this to. When I asked her pediatrician about this he said "kids at this age are a lot like puppies- they like chewing on things". We've rolled out a "kisses not bites" campaign but all that does is get her to kiss him after biting him. Poor Teddy. Hopefully he doesn't lose all his hair before Aven is out of this stage.

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  1. You can tell Addie's favorite toys because they all are completely filthy from over-loving... Sorry we missed you in Salt Lake, it was impossible to get everything I wanted to do coordinated. I would have loved to see our little girls play (or at least swipe toys from each other...)