Monday, March 1, 2010

Big Decision Time

This April will mark the 5th year of owning our home. Back in 2005 we said that we would only be living here 3 years max and then upgrade to something bigger. We kept putting it off of course until suddenly we had another little human living in the house. She's just starting to get more mobile and we know that our little house just isn't going to do us for much longer. With that in mind we met with a Realtor today to discuss what we should do if we plan on selling. It's a big step deciding to sell a house. I've put my blood sweat and even some tears into this house. Making it nice and cozy inside. Part of me dreads the unknown home improvements I'll have to make on a new house. Especially since we really like living in one of the older parts of town. But another part of me looks forward to a new home with a larger yard for Aven and Grace to play in.

The biggest issue right now is that apparently March and April are the best times to list a house and as it's currently March 1st, we need to decide soon if we are going to do it. I really don't like rushing into big decisions. Even if spontaneous decision usually work out for me, it's still scary to do this quickly.

So what do you all think? Should we go for it? Is it a good time to sell? And who want's to help us move if we do? I promise pizza a beer for all. :)

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