Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Buyer Beware

Our house is officially up for sale. You can see the listing here: We have had a few showings and are receiving positive feedback from agents so far- good news.

Last weekend Ian and I started searching for our next home. We are looking for something larger with a larger yard and ideally in the same area we are in now. On Saturday our real estate agent took us out and showed us 8 homes that we were interested in. We learned very quickly that you can't judge a house by it's listing. Real estate agents are expert spin doctors. They can make an ugly kitchen appear charming and can construct a "truthful" sentence about the deplorable condition the bathroom is in that leaves you unaware that an outhouse would be preferable to the indoor facilities.

Here are a few red flags that we have picked up on:
  • "Needs a little TLC, but great potential" Translation: I hope you have somewhere else to stay while you work day and night to make this house livable.
  • "Kitchen updated in the 80's" Translation: The only remodeling worth mentioning happened over 20 years ago.
  • "Great as an investment" Translation: This house is one broken pipe from being condemned. Good luck. If you survive the remodel you might be able to break even by re-selling it.
  • "Occupy existing structure or build new" Translation: "Structure" can mean so many things, why do you judge?
This is a stressful but fun and meaningful time in our lives. Wish us luck as we sell our house and search for our next dream home.


  1. yay! Good luck with both buying and selling!
    May I also recommend to check the water pressure in faucets and the shower head, and open and shut the windows a few times, and check if the appliances leak before your final offer? Just a handful of things we wish we'd done before closing. :) Oh, the things we'll know better next time...

  2. p.s. I've tried to leave comments on your last several posts, but the comment box would always erase them. :( Just recently found out that firefox is to blame. Sorry you never got any of my witty remarks. Lesson learned for future posts... I'll comment through Safari from now on. :)