Friday, February 19, 2010

What Can We Do To Make Your Stay More Comfortable?

Today the students at my school filled out an anonymous survey about how they feel about different aspects of the school, their teachers, and their education. It was a multiple choice style survey with a couple questions at the end that had a place to write in an answer.

I enjoyed glancing at their written-in answers to the question:

What do you wish were different about your school?

About half the kids wished for air conditioning. I can't blame them, I wish for it every year too.

Here are my favorite answers:

I wish there was less work and I didn't get in trouble as much (The second half of that sounds like a personal problem)

I wish I didn't get lunch detention because I cut in line at lunch (Again with the personal problems . . .)

I wish the people in it were different (I'm sorry we don't live up to your standards)

I wish the food was better- throw it away after a week (Do they think there are leftovers after feeding almost 1,000 people a day?)

How could you not love these kids? Or is the question: how COULD you love these kids?

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