Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wasatch Crest Trail

Last Saturday I went on a killer bike ride up Big Cottonwood Canyon with some friends, Brad and Jessica. We did a trail called Wasatch Crest a grueling 10 mile ride that starts at the top of the canyon along Guardsman pass and follows the ridge line for about 6 miles before dropping back in the canyon at Desolation Lake. The ride starts out with almost a mile of mean up hill riding then flattens out for a bit before a major downhill ride that killed my hands from the constant braking. The whole ride took us 3 and half hours.
Self portrait.

Here's Brad and Jessica somewhere along the top of the trail, with Brighton Ski resort in the background.
Here's me taking a brief rest after a little uphill battle.
Gorgeous view looking down into the Canyons Ski resort toward Kimble Junction

Here's Desolation Lake, It's so Desolate, I wonder if it's sad and lonely, but it's so pretty.
I don't know where this is but I like it. The view's were great the whole time, some times I would look up from the trail to be surprised at the amazing view. The wild flowers were also blooming all around us.
Here's a Panorama I took of Desolation Lake.

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  1. That second to last picture reminds me of "the hills are alive with the sound of music . . ."

  2. I have to laugh at myself and share it with you... When I first started reading this post, I thought it was Cara's posting. I thought, holy crap!!! Only 12 weeks after Aven; I need to get back into shape and get on the ball. (Which I still need to do.) Then I got down to the self portrait and the pic of Ian on his bike and then my brain figured it out.
    Nice work Ian!

  3. Marcy- Ian and I went for a very short bike ride a couple weeks ago and my butt was sore for 2 days. This ride may have killed me :)