Friday, July 17, 2009

20 Years

Mark's high school yearbook photo. What a handsome devil.

My uncle Mark, my dad's fraternal twin, died 20 years ago in a helicopter accident at the age of 34. It's really hard to believe it's been so long. I still think about him often and how much I miss him and how sad I am that I never got to know him as an adult. I feel like I've really missed out.

In remembrance I thought I'd post a few photos of him.

Here's Mark and my dad at Mark's wedding. Mark is the one who doesn't look like the ringleader of a circus. I guess they put the groomsman in such ridiculous getups to make sure the groom looked super sharp. Wow.

Mark on a snowy day.

Mark's first line of work was in cosmetology. He owned a salon near the U of U called Shear Excellence (I'm proud to say he gave me my first perm). His dream, however, was to be a pilot. Soon after getting his pilot's license he sold his salon. It's still in business, but has been moved to the 15th and 15th neighborhood.

Showing off his pilot's license.

Wearing his "Rocky Mountain Helicopter" uniform and helmet.

This picture was taken by my grandpa when he and Mark flew up to Flaming Gorge together one spring.

I sure miss him.

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  1. Cara,
    Thanks for the great posting about Mark. It brought tears! I really miss him too.