Saturday, May 9, 2009

Ian Bailey, MCMP

After two years of hard work Ian graduated May 8, 2009 with his Masters in City and Metropolitan Planning. Here he is with professor and mentor Tom Sanchez. I hate that I was so busy getting photos of him walking to really truly get wrapped up in this amazing moment in his life.

I know that this picture is blurry, but I feel it is artistically sound. It's probably my favorite one.

There's Ian on the right with all his fellow MCMP graduates. It was nice that his class was small. It allowed him to make some good friends.

Just a great shot of the traditional hat throw.

Ian and fellow graduate/ ski buddy Brad.

The family. Ian's brother Brance, mom Christine, dad Dennis, Ian, and big pregnant me.

This really was an amazing day. Ian kept saying "it's no big deal", but it is. I'm proud of you babe!


  1. Gratz to Ian! Does this mean you'll be making the big monies now?

  2. Congratulations Ian! It is a big deal, and very exciting that you are now done with school. Forever. :)