Monday, May 4, 2009

Beautiful Bleeding Hearts

I was excited that my Bleeding Heart bushes not only came back this year, but are hearty and thriving. After having a few near-death experiences from Grace laying on them last year they have decided to come back too big to be squashed by a dog who loves laying in the dirt.

It's amazing how perfectly formed each of the flowers are.

These are some sort of bulb flower that I don't know the name of but are in every yard in my neighborhood. They are very sweet smelling and are always wonderful to see in the spring.

This is a shot of my Sweet Woodruff ground cover. It spreads fast and is great for the shade. I just love the petite white flowers. For the first time since we moved in my front flower beds finally look nice and filled in. It only took me four years to figure out which plants would survive- yay me!


  1. Go Cara, your flowers are pretty, and your photos are great. Now if only I had time to go out and weed the garden it would be even better. Stupid new job and it wanting me to work for my money.

  2. That's a job for you, always expecting service for pay. . . You should build one of those cool George Costanza style under-desk napping stations since you have your own big office, then you'd have energy to weed :)