Sunday, September 8, 2013

State Fair

Aven has been excited for the State Fair for the last month. "When are we gonna ride rides at the fair, Mom?" Once she finds out that Lagoon exists and that it's open several months a year we'll be in trouble. Despite the pouring rain we decided to go because next weekend Ian will be installing a sprinkler system in our yard. It was actually a nice change of pace from the high 90s we've been slugging through the last few weeks.

We started with the livestock, or "the wildlife", as Ian kept referring to them.
Cow butts.

Aven went on a pony ride. It was one of those sad contraptions where the ponies walk around in a circle all day but I'm sure that in her mind she was riding Rainbow Dash through the clouds.
C'mon everypony! Let's go for a ride!

Ian took the girls through the fun house. It looked old and sad but Aven thought it was stupendous. It's a good thing kids see things through the filter of childhood.
In the crazy-spinny-tube.

The great part of being at the fair in the rain was that we pretty much had the rides to ourselves. The down-side was that the bumper cars aren't much fun if you have them to yourself.
Aven gets her socks soaked in the bounce house.
Etta was too small to go into the bounce house, but she still had fun bouncing on the outside.

Etta and I got tired of watching Ian and Aven have all the fun on the rides so we ditched them and had ourselves some funnel cake and lemonade. We also found what is arguably the coolest place in the fairgrounds; a building full of toys and hands-on science experiments.
Look at that happy face. She REALLY needed some play time.
Ian puts Etta in a HUGE bubble.
Aven had a grand-old time playing at the Wall of Nails.
Overall we had a lot of fun. Etta was so exhausted that she didn't even wake up when we took her out of her car seat, which NEVER happens. Thank you State Fair for a fun day!


  1. I love that you used the word "everypony". Addie wore her rainbow dash shirt to the first day of preschool today, and when I did her hair she said it needed to be 20% cooler. #facepalm

    1. I love it! Aven asks for a specific princess hairdo everyday. "Mom, today I want Cinderella hair." Little girls are the best.