Thursday, August 8, 2013

Adventures in Babysitting

Once again I had the opportunity to watch Mica, son of Danny and Heidi, the wonderful friends who took care of our Grace Dog and our house while we were gallivanting across Europe earlier this summer. He is a super sweet and delightful 2-year-old. When he's here, he tries to emulate everything Aven, the cool 4-year-old, does and Etta tries to copy everything that he does. It's hilariously entertaining. It's also exhausting. While I love having Mica here, it is a very good reminder why Ian and I are sticking with two kids.

Today I got brave and took them to the aviary near our house. Mica and Etta rode in the wagon and Aven walked with me.

A nice lady offered to take a picture of the four of us together.

I got all three of them to hold still for a picture!

We got to see this sweet sight- a mommy flamingo feeding her baby.

As we were leaving the aviary Aven insisted on taking a turn pulling the wagon. In traditional 4-year-old style she got distracted by something and kept walking- right into a fence. I tried to stop her, but the wagon had a little too much momentum. After a lot of crying and blood I got the three of them packed in the wagon so that we could go home.
Aven faking a smile despite the fact that two seconds earlier she was acting as if she was about to bleed to death.

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