Friday, March 22, 2013

Kill Your TV

Ian and I recently banned Aven from all screen-time for one full week. She had been acting irritable and whiny when it was time to shut off a movie or game and had also been throwing some pretty major tantrums about it. Here's what we learned from our week of no screen-time:

1. Aven can be downright pleasant most of the time. Apparently watching TV brings out her worst behavior.
2. As a parent, it was really hard to be "on" all the time. There were some nights when Ian and I were both so tired that our normal reaction would have been to put a movie on for Aven so that we could collapse on the couch, but we stuck with it.
3. Aven LOVES creative play and it was so much fun to watch her use her imagination.
4. Aven loves to interact with Etta.
5. When she doesn't have a show to distract her, Aven never stops moving. Ever.
6. We don't need screens to survive our kids. Aven is really good at playing by herself when nobody is available to play with her.
7. The sounds of Aven and Etta talking, laughing, and playing are far more entertaining and delightful than any movie or show.
8. We won't stop watching, but we will give a lot more thought to what and when we watch from now on.

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  1. I am so proud of you guys! I don't think I could ban ALL screen time (i.e. computer), but we don't have a TV in our house on purpose.... and actually, that's a TV ban for me, not the offspring- I would be so addicted if I knew we had one plugged in at our house...