Friday, March 8, 2013

Etta Gets Tubed

After five ear infections in three months it was time for Etta to get tubes in her ears. I think she just wanted to be like me since I have tubes in my ears right now too. I was very nervous before the procedure because the thought of her getting anesthesia scared me. We encountered many great staff members at Primary Chinldren's over the course of our three-hour hospital visit. The further into the process we got the more comfortable I felt. I realize that it was a very minor, routine procedure, but as a parent it's nerve wracking to go through. She handled it all like a little champ.

Etta in her hospital jammies.

Ian playing the video game system in the waiting room meant for children who are about to have surgery.  I kicked him off- the mean wife that I am.

Cuddling with my babe before surgery.

In the recovery room sporting our matching ear tubes.

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