Thursday, December 27, 2012

Homemade Christmas

Because Ian and I are taking the girls to Europe in June, we need to save as much money as possible. For that reason we decided to do as many homemade gifts as possible. I was a little stressed about getting everything done in time, but in the end this Christmas was one of the best I can ever remember. As someone with an affinity for the arts I very much enjoyed the creative process that went along with each of the gifts that I made and I am already looking forward to doing homemade Christmas again next year. Now that I know how much I enjoy it and want to do it again I can start much earlier and not be so stressed about getting everything done in time. I did an oil painting for Ian. Aven made pinch pots for everyone, I made scrapbook style collages and framed them for all of our parents, Ian made me delicious cupcakes, and I made our Christmas cards with materials I already had. I am in no way trying to be braggy, I just wanted to share how much I enjoyed removing myself from the consumer craze. It really did bring much more fulfillment, joy, and happiness to the season.

Making snow angels on Christmas Eve

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  1. I think that is a fantastic idea. We did something similar with my side of the family - everyone had to make a video that was Christmas related, and then we posted them on the blog. They turned out so funny and they were much more memorable than anything we could have bought.
    Three cheers for creative Christmas!