Friday, December 21, 2012

2012 Winter Program

Last night Aven and Etta had their Winter program. The theme was "snow", so all of the songs were related to snow, ice, and all of magical things that happen when snow and ice abound. Etta's class kicked off the program by "dancing" to "Ice, Ice, Baby" while wearing bling onesies that were custom screen printed by her teacher, Ireland. Aven's class performed "The Winter Pokey", "5 Little Snowmen", and combined with the four year old class for "Let it Snow". Aven did better than she ever has before, singing a little bit and remembering a few dance moves. I just really appreciate all the work these wonderful teachers do to put on a show.

Etta, getting in touch with her inner gangsta'.

Aven kind of performing "5 Little Snowmen".

She was a little too entranced by the artificial flame she was holding during "Let it Snow" to get much singing done.

Aven and her AWESOME teacher, Heidi.
And now, enjoy the wonderful craziness of a preschool performance:

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