Thursday, August 2, 2012

Same and Different

I've been thinking a lot about what is the same and what is different with Etta versus Aven. I figured that I would have the baby thing down pat since I'd done it before and my main challenge would be helping Aven adapt. It turns out that in many respects I feel just as helpless and unknowing about Etta as I did with Aven- it's amazing the amount of stuff I've forgotten. As I asked questions at Etta's two week appointment I found that as our pediatrician answered bells were ringing like crazy. I realized that I had asked the same exact questions about Aven and he was giving me the exact same answers. As far as Aven goes, she has had her moments over the last few weeks, but she has adapted like a champ and I'm really proud of her.

Here are a few things that stand out:


  • The newborn stage, while very cute and cuddly, is extremely nerve wracking and stressful.
  • I worry about something to do with the baby constantly. The minute I stop worrying about one thing my mind finds another thing to latch on to- blerg.
  • It's hard to get ready to go anywhere. Just leaving the house feels like a monumental accomplishment.
  • That whole "sleep when the baby sleeps" logic goes out the window completely when you've got an energetic three-year-old bouncing around the house.
  • Having to divide my attention between two kids is hard and tiring. It's physically tiring, but also mentally tiring.
  • I just want to be busy. With Aven I took any down time I could get, with this one I'm always looking for something to do- I'm not sure why.

A lovely picture of my girls:

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  1. I am very interested to hear about your 1 to 2 transition... it looks a lot more complicated! When are you going back to work? Will they go to the same childcare provider?
    Good luck! I thought the first month of newbornship was the hardest, but it should get easier soon as Etta sleeps more ;)