Friday, August 31, 2012

Aven Visits a "Castle"

Lately Aven has been very interested in buildings that have castle-like characteristics such as steeply pitched roofs, towers, spires, and large windows. She even refers to rather small churches as castles as long as they have the right physical characteristics.

We drove past the Cathedral of the Madeline last week and she was very taken with it and has been wanting to visit ever since, so this afternoon we drove downtown and she got to visit her very first "castle".

She was very good at being quiet inside and loved the stained glass windows, the arches, the frescoes, and the candles. She also enjoyed sitting in the pews and kneeling on the kneelers. I have to say that I'm really glad there weren't any homeless people passed out in there since that really would have killed the whole magical-castle vibe we had going. For the record I have seen more than a few down-and-out people sleeping one off on the pews before.

Aven loved visiting a "castle", now we need to take her to visit some real castles in Europe. I'm sure we'll be on the next plane out.

Standing on the front steps.
Aven with the organ, rose window, and arches behind her.


  1. Seriously. COME TO INNSBRUCK!!! If you ever get the chance, we would love to have you and show you some great castles. Open invitation.

    1. We are seriously considering it- we were looking up flights tonight to get an idea of cost. Let me know if you have any tips for fining cheaper flights like flying into someplace other than Vienna :)

    2. Munich is usually the cheapest, sometimes Venice. The best times of year are fall and spring - winter is too cold and summer is crazy expensive! Good luck, we would love to show you guys around and you would be welcome to stay at our place :)