Saturday, September 10, 2011

Utah State Fair

Aven got to go to the Utah State Fair with Payton. They ate pizza, saw animals, and most importantly, went on lots of rides. Aven had never been on a ride before and now I think she's hooked.
They flew in an airplane. The best part was watching them have a conversation while they were riding. We had no idea what they were talking about, but I'm sure it was deep.

Aven got to go on the Ferris wheel with dad. After a couple rotations she laughed uncontrollably for the rest of the ride.

Aven wasn't technically tall enough to ride most rides without a parent but because Payton was tall enough the ride operators let Aven ride with him. He's not exactly a responsible adult, but it all worked out okay.

The favorite of the day was the big slide. They wanted to go again and again but us old people thought it was a bit rough on the backside.

Aven was so tired by the time we left I was barely able to keep her awake on the 10 minute ride home.

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