Saturday, September 24, 2011

New House Pictures . . . Finally

We sold our old house and bought a new one way back in July and we have finally gotten the house together enough that I can post some pictures- yay!

The front.

Before I show you the pictures of everything put together and looking amazing I have to show you what Aven's room looked like before because Ian spent a lot of time turning the awful built-in drawers and cabinets you see below into something beautiful and functional. When we first bought the house we thought the drawers would make great storage, but they were heavy, didn't slide out easily and I hated that there was such a huge part of Aven's room that wasn't usable for her and her mountain of books and toys.

We thought this might be a project for next year, but we came up with a plan and got all worked up about it and decided to dive right in. Here is the space after demolition:

And here is Aven's room now:

We actually found a shelving unit at Ikea that fit almost perfectly in the space. Ian had to do some major pain-in-the-butt finishing work around the top and side of the shelving unit to make it look nice, but now it's a perfect place for books and toys. The other super weird thing about this room is that it contains the only rear portal to the out-of-doors, but that's something we've gotten used to.

Now, without further ado, here are more pictures of our house looking clean and put together:

The master bedroom. Having a true master with a bathroom was Ian's number one desire when we were looking for houses. It wasn't a big deal for me, but now that we have it I totally love it.

The kitchen. Granite counter tops are pretty but they are a pain in the butt to take care of (have you ever prepared a stain removing poultice before?). I wouldn't have picked them, but they came with the house so I'll try to enjoy them while doing my best to keep acids, oils, and fats off of them.

The living room. Look ma, no TV! Oh, the laptop we watch Hulu on counts? Oh well.

The dining room with a big picture window. We don't watch TV while we eat, but we do watch our neighbors and make snarky comments about some of them.

I hope you enjoyed the tour. Maybe I'll take you on a tour of our basement and office sometime, but right now they are still pretty chaotic.


  1. Hey, we're TV-less too! Hulu and YouTube do a pretty good job at keeping us entertained when the time warrants though...
    Such a cute house- I LOVE what you did with Aven's storage too! (Hurrah for IKEA!)

  2. Love the Ikea cabinets! We dont have a tv either, but we do have several screens... it's a blurring line.