Sunday, November 23, 2014


When we moved into our house we found it very odd that the master bedroom was the one that did not have the outside access door. We were never fully comfortable putting our kids in a room with a door to the outside. For the last few years we have been talking about a re-model to remedy the situation and this year we finally got around to it:

What started as Aven and Etta's room  . . .

 . . . was transformed in a new master bedroom:

And what was once the master bedroom . . .

. . . was transformed into a wonderful room for Aven and Etta:

And what was once a fairly useless little nook in the master bedroom . . .

. . . was transformed into a walk-through closet that connects both bedrooms to the master bathroom and provides storage that we didn't have before:

And finally, what was once an awkward and mostly useless wall of  drawers . . . 

. . . was first transformed into a nice storage area for toys that still had an ugly built-in desk . . .

. . . and finally into a truly functional space. We LOVE it:

Another shot of the new master:

 A few more shots of the girls' room:

Ian did an amazing job with everything. He did a whole bunch of things he had never done before and he did them well. As with most old homes, he encountered his fair share of strange problems and head-scratchers, but he figured out a workable solution to every weird obstacle. I am SO glad this enormous project is done!

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  1. It looks wonderful! Well done, well done! I especially love the blue paint--it's the perfect hue. Everything looks so clean and organized. Even the vacuum lines look great. Bravo, and congratulations!