Saturday, May 17, 2014

Aven Turns 5!!!

Below you will find a whole lot of pictures of Aven's 5th birthday party:

Three friends welcoming a fabulous surprise.

This one is just too damn cute!

The fabulous surprise: Rapunzel came to the party!

Rapunzel painted everyone's faces.

She is such a poser!

Etta did not love the face painting process.

Playing duck-duck-goose.

We were graced with the magic of a brand new human- thanks for coming Guadalupe!

Story time!

Aven was officially crowned a princess!

The whole crowd.

Aven and Rapunzel

I couldn't help sharing this one. That is some major stink eye!

After Rapunzel left to go row-boating with Eugene Aven opened presents . . .

. . . and had cupcakes made in ice cream cones. It was a FABULOUS party!

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  1. What a cool party! You are such a good mom :)