Monday, February 17, 2014

Midway Ice Castles

After a month of talking about it we finally made it up to the Midway Ice Castle. It was the last day of the ice castle and President's Day, so it was packed- not exactly magical. We waited in line for about an hour so that Aven could get her picture with Anna and Elsa from "Frozen". The great thing about going to a place like this with kids is that throngs of people don't really affect how much they enjoy it. They had an amazing time and since we were there with Ian's parents and brother we took turns standing in line so that everyone got a chance to see the castle. We will definitely go again next year, but we will plan more carefully and be a lot more selective about which day we go so that we don't feel like we're in the middle of a herd of cattle. Despite the place being jam-packed we did manage to get a few decent pictures:

Cute smiles!
Ian, his brother, and Etta in the ice maze.

With my littlest love.

There is nothing suggestive about this picture at all.

The crowning moment- a picture with two of her favorite princesses.


  1. Your pictures are so cool! I wonder how they make it. I am curious...

    1. Ian's dad was talking to one of the employees and apparently they grow huge icicles and form them into arch like frames and them spray water on them to fill in the gaps and solidify the structure. It looks like they continue to spray water on it throughout the winter to keep growing it. Pretty cool.