Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Innocence of Youth

My good friend, Amber, asked me to help her decorate the new play room she and her husband were preparing for their son. She wanted paintings on the walls that looked like they were painted by kids. Today I took Aven with me so she could play with Amber's son Payton while Amber and I painted. They got right down to business playing trains and cars and painting with watercolors. Then came the comment from Payton that that made Amber and I laugh despite the complete and total innocence of it: "Aven, will you sleep with me?". While our adult minds wallowed in the gutter Amber said "at least he asked nicely"- very true. Aven continued to play with magnetic letters at the art easel as Payton pleaded and begged for her to sleep with him. Typical man. Aven finally relented and they went and hopped into Payton's bed, got under the covers and pretended to be asleep for approximately 30 seconds before jumping up and reading books to each other. This will be a great embarrassing story to tell to them when they're older. Why is racking up embarrassing stories one of the most enjoyable parts of parenthood?

The little sleepers.
Current progress on the wall painting project. It's turning out cute!

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  1. Love the mural! Very cool. Addie keeps calling her kitty her "titty" and Ben and I snicker every time we hear it... unless we are in public where we are mortified and pray that no one understands the phrase: "I wuv my titties!"