Thursday, March 22, 2012

Tea Party

Ian is a huge tea aficionado, so he's been excited about having a tea party with his daughter ever since we found out Aven was going to be a daughter. The problem is, Aven doesn't like tea. Ian has brewed all sorts of different flavor combinations and has even added *gasp* sugar. No matter what he makes she turns her nose up at it. He's not giving up yet, but for the time being he's going to have to settle for pretend tea parties with dolls and teddy bears.
Serving dad some tea.
Tea from mom.

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  1. I understand Aven's sentiment- I have tried to like herbal tea for years but though it smells awesome, it tastes like boring hot water to me! Through Teavana at the mall I found an herbal tea there that has a bit more flavor to it that I can handle- perhaps you should give Aven a sample of one of the fruitier ones there and see what she thinks....