Thursday, December 1, 2011

In Need of Something Positive

The last couple weeks have been rough. I was really in need of something positive. The Tuesday after Thanksgiving I found a bundle of thank you notes in my box. Some saintly teachers in my school had their students spend the day before Thanksgiving writing to their teachers. I am very grateful, so I thought I'd share my favorites:

This student is amazing. She went to Pakistan for 7 weeks for her brother's wedding. I missed her everyday she was gone.

From the kid who has never caused even a moment of trouble.

Sometimes even I don't know what's in store from one day to the next.

I love it!

I'm always grateful to find out that quiet students really enjoy my class. Sometimes you can't tell.

Thanks to all of the wonderful teachers I work with who took time to help students write these amazing notes.

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  1. Love this idea! It's nice to get positive feedback from the people whose opinion matters most :) Keep up the good work!