Sunday, July 24, 2011

San Diego Highlights (Aven's Perspective)

Recently I went on a trip with my family to a magical place called San Diego. It was full of animals and fish, and sand, and water. I'm not sugar-coating it when I say that it was a toddler's fantasy. Here are some of my favorite parts:

Not only did my mom and dad come on this trip, Grandma Malecker and . . .

. . . Auntie Em got to come too!

We went to the San Diego Zoo three times, but didn't get to see everything because it's so big. It was the coolest place ever!

We also went to Sea World. I love fish and water, so it was pretty awesome.

The last place we went with animals was the Wild Animal park. I got to see lots of my two favorite animals: elephants and giraffes.

My favorite non-animal place was called the beach. I loved playing in the sand and I eventually got brave enough to put my feet in the fast moving water.

This is what I looked like in the car at the end of every afternoon. I took all of my naps in the car, but I didn't mind because I always had Teddy.

Mom and Dad even let me stay up late one night to see the sunset on the beach.

On grandma's last day in San Diego we got to go on a HUGE boat called an 'Aircraft Carrier' that was covered in airplanes and helicopters. I even got to sit in a cockpit with mom.

I told you it was covered in airplanes! Here we are with Grandma's good friend Mike. I was pretty shy with Mike at first, but after awhile I worked up the courage to make eye contact.

Before we got on the plane to go home we got to ride on the Balboa Park miniature Railroad, which was yet another super-cool and fun activity on my magical toddler vacation.

Mom and Dad sure know how to make a 2-year-old's dreams come true!


  1. She is so cute! How fun :) Are you back now?

  2. Wow, Aven is a prolific writer! Punctuation, grammar, chronological order (I'm assuming...) She has a great future ahead of her as a travel commentator. :)
    San Diego looks awesome. I'd love to plan a trip down there sometime.