Sunday, May 1, 2011

Spring . . . is that you?

Yesterday we woke up to a little over an inch of snow on our front lawn, today we spent close to four hours playing outside even though the temperatures stayed around 55 degrees most of the day. Based on the number of people enjoying themselves at the park I would have to say that everyone is desperate for warm weather and would rather pretend that the weather is nice than stay inside another day. Since yet another storm is blowing in we took advantage of the wind and went to Sugarhouse Park to fly our kite.

We got out kite pretty high up there, but the wind was shifty, so the kite kept dipping down, threatening to get stuck in a tree.

Aven is not a fan of wind, but managed to enjoy kite flying for a few minutes.

I managed to capture the magical moment that Aven let go of the kite string, sending Ian scrambling across the hilltop, returning with many grass stains on his new pants.

After we finished flying our kite we took a few minutes to appreciate the forces of nature while trying to keep a very curious Aven at a safe distance.

Happy Spring! We're really hoping for warmer temperatures (and no flooding).

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