Friday, March 25, 2011

I've Created A Monster

Not that long ago I could pull out the camera and take pictures of Aven playing and she would just keep doing what she was doing. I used to have a hard time getting her to actually look at the camera. A couple weeks ago, while taking some pictures of her, I was encouraging her to make silly faces and I took a picture of each silly face she made- it was great fun.

Well, now whenever I pull out the camera she stops what she is doing to give me the cheesiest grin her facial muscles will allow. She looks like she might be in pain, but she's just doing exactly what I taught her to do. Cute, but a tad bit frustrating.


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  2. that's awesome. my brothers are 17 and 19 and they STILL won't keep a straight face for the camera (or at least a normal looking face...) Let's hope that because of Aven's feminine nature she'll come around by the time she's got pigtails, and enjoy posing for the paparazzi.