Sunday, September 26, 2010


Aven has recently entered what is commonly referred to as the "terrible two's". I always thought it happened around age two, but after doing some reading I have learned that the terrible two's start during the second year of life, usually somewhere between 15 and 18 months. Aven's pediatrician likes to joke that the terrible two's start around 18 months and last until about 18 years- ha, ha.

The thing that has surprised me so much about her stages is that the changes they bring seem to happen overnight. One day she was a happy-go-lucky toddler, content to play with her toys independently and rarely interested in stuff out of her reach. The next day she was constantly whining for something on the kitchen counter or dining room table that she couldn't have like a nail file or Ian's i-touch. If she doesn't get what her little heart desires she has a classic toddler melt-down. Several melt-downs a day is really starting to wear me out. I find myself asking Ian "do you REALLY think this is normal?" about five times a day, to which he responds "yes, what gave you the impression that having kids was going to be easy?". At least in between meltdowns she is fun, pleasant, and often downright hilarious.

Here's to the in-between!

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  1. Ah yes, the tantrums. I try not to be too grouchy back to Asher when he has a meltdown- I just keep telling myself, "It's probably teething.... it's probably teething..." It gives me more compassion that way.
    Some of his biggest tantrums come from having to share with others. I really have no idea how to remedy the thought he has that EVERYTHING belongs to him- maybe having a sibling?... of course, that may also make the situation worse...